[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot-0.4.0 will not execute on my TQM8260-AG board

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[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot-0.4.0 will not execute on my TQM8260-AG board

Kim Engedahl
Hello everyone

just bought the TQM8260-AG board (and STK82XX.100 starterkit). I have been
trying to execute U-Boot-0.4.0 without any luck. It seems to get stuck
during power up, i.e. no characters on the SMC ports (checked both to be
sure). I have also tried to test the SMCTX/SMCRX pins  with an
oscilloscope - there is no activity.

I started out with ppcboot-2.0.0 and experienced the same problem. With
ppcboot however I was able to use a Lauterbach debugger in order to try and
trace the problem. It seems that ppcboot enters an endless loop just after
entering cpu_init_f during powerup. As far as I can figure out using the
Lauterbach d?bugger (which I am absolutely no expert at) the loop has
something to do with either an DebugException or ppcstring.o.

I am using Red Hat 9.0, ELDK 2.0.0 and are compiling using the following
syntax (taken from the Denx TQM8xxL guide as there is no guide available for
the TQM8260 board):
make distclean
make TQM8260_300MHz_config
make all
I download the resulting srec file using
protect 1234
erase 40000000 4001ffff
load 0 f
..and then sends the srec file

Mt TQM8260 board is the TQM8260-AG.204 board from TQM. Has anyone got this
board to work with Denx Linux??

Any help would be appreciated

Kim Engedahl
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