RPi4 hang when booting from USB mass storage

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RPi4 hang when booting from USB mass storage

Stefan Agner

When trying to boot rpi_4_32b_defconfig of U-Boot 2020.10 (or master)
using a USB flash drive, U-Boot hangs early at:

U-Boot 2020.10 (Nov 20 2020 - 10:25:26 +0100)

DRAM:  3.9 GiB

The weird thing is that at this point U-Boot does not access USB/SD card
at all, still it matters if it got booted via USB or SD card.

What I noticed is that dram_init mem_size is different depending on
where I boot from, from USB:
U-Boot 2020.10-dirty (Nov 20 2020 - 11:35:45 +0100)

DRAM:  dram_init...
dram_init 993001472
3.9 GiB

And from SD-card:
U-Boot 2020.10-dirty (Nov 20 2020 - 11:37:06 +0100)

DRAM:  dram_init...
dram_init 994050048
3.9 GiB

I tried different firmware versions from stable branch (7caead9, ef72c17
used in current Raspberry Pi OS and latest 2ba11f2) and U-Boot versions
back to 2020.01 without success.

What does work is forcing the size in dram_init() to 512M:
@@ -267,6 +268,8 @@ int dram_init(void)
        gd->ram_size = msg->get_arm_mem.body.resp.mem_size;
+       gd->ram_size = SZ_512M;
+       printf("forcing dram_init %lld\n", gd->ram_size);
        return 0;

I did try RPi 4 Model B 2GB and 4GB. Any idea?